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Amazing Adventures of The Magnum and Super Lover!
Amazing Adventure 0: explanation and context 
9th-Oct-2005 04:32 am
not on purpose
Title: The Amazing Adventures of The Magnum and Super Lover! | Author: Triana and Cammy | Fandom: w-inds./GacktJOB | Pairing: nobody yet | Series/Sequel: Part 0/? | Rating: PG | Summary: Explanation and context. | Warnings: Reading this will give you the briefest of glimpses into the perverted workings of our inner minds. Read at your own risk. | Disclaimer: The disclaimer is here. | Notes: I'm still tired of having to put that disclaimer on everything. | Dedication: Cammy, I suppose.

Cammy: *wibble*
Cammy: why must these stories be so SAD? ;-;
Tri: they live to torment you and make you want to make yourself feel better by writing Gackt×Keita
Cammy: LOL
Tri: come on, you know you want to
Tri: I could even give you prompts! you could write the Amazing Adventures of The Magnum and his sidekick, Super Lover!
Cammy: oh dear XDDDD
Cammy: you know what I want to do?
Tri: write this so I quit bugging you about it?
Cammy: write that but be COMPLETELY SERIOUS in the language
Tri: DO IT
Tri: oh my god *dies* DO IT
Cammy: purple prose it, even XD
Tri: YES! XD
Cammy: XDDD
Tri: seriously! go for it, ymmac
Cammy: I might XD
Tri: please?
Tri: for me?
Tri: because you rove me?
Cammy: lol XDDD it's like half past 11pm yo
Tri: because I'll give you my frappuccino?
Cammy: LOL
Cammy: oh christ
Cammy: mental images go awaaaaay
Tri: nooooooo don't go awaaaaaaaay
Tri: bug her until she wriiiiiiiiiiiiites
Cammy: XDDDD
Tri: what would their costumes be like?
Tri: would Keita's have butterfly wings?
Tri: or maybe butterflies on it?
Cammy: oh god XD

[a few minutes pass]

Cammy: you know
Cammy: I just get this image of Keita entering like... Gotham PD
Cammy: and he sits down in front of Gackt's desk, all nervous-like, applying for the position of Official Sidekick
Cammy: actually that's all I have, if you don't count the purple prosing
Tri: which gives me the image of Gackt looking up from some paperwork and giving Keita his patented and trademarked Glare of DOOM. He's not really upset, he's discovered it's good for weeding out unsuitable applicants.

"Tachibana Keita?" he barks, glancing down at the application in the boy's fist.
Cammy: I'm getting the giggles imagining Keita blithely ignoring Gackt's tone
Cammy: and being all, "That's me! o(^.^)o"
Tri: "So. You think you can be The Magnum's sidekick, do you?"
Tri: I should not be able to picture this so easily XDD
Cammy: oh. GOD. XD
Cammy: Keita: *jumps up, poses with peace sign* But of course. I am... SUPER LOVER. *winks*
Tri: "Do you always reveal your secret identity so easily or is today a special occasion?" Gackt sneers, sitting back in his chair and working magnumfully to not laugh.
Cammy: .... XDDDDDDDD omg
Tri: oh shit
Tri: manfully
Cammy: suuuuuuuuure
Cammy: I believe you >.>
Tri: I'm glad one of us does XD
Cammy: XD anyway the way I figure, Keita will probably cheerfully say that Gackt is too noble to share the secret, so it's safe with him XD
Cammy: and handsome
Cammy: and manly
Cammy: and in possession of a large package
Tri: and Gackt sits back, stroking his chin with one hand as he mulls this over. "You may be right," he says slowly with another Glare for this apparently pre-pubescent boy in front of him, "but don't ever take that chance again. You'll end up being wrong."
Cammy: pre-pubescent XDDDDD
Cammy: and I have this image of Keita being all inwardly, waiiiiiiiiii Gackt is so wise *_*
Tri: and his lower half going, "and so HOT"
Cammy: LOL
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