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Amazing Adventures of The Magnum and Super Lover!
Enter: Super Lover 
10th-Oct-2005 02:38 am
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Title: Enter: Super Lover | Author: Triana | Fandom: w-inds./GacktJOB | Rating: PG-13 | Summary: Keita remembers his debut. | Warnings: Not beta'ed. Crack. Pure, undiluted, undistilled crack. | Disclaimer: The disclaimer is here.


Gackt's voice was as soft as always, but this time there was a deadly seriousness to it that made Keita shiver. He looked in the direction in which Gackt was pointing and let out a low whistle. The shaped light showed up plainly against the clouds in the night sky.

"The Magsignal."

Gackt nodded once. "This is it. Let's go."

Keita shook his head sharply to clear it and stepped into the shower. He'd gone out as Super Lover, loyal and trusty sidekick to The Magnum, many times since that night, but he supposed your debut as a superhero Second Banana was sort of akin to your first time in the sack: it was the one, that one that you always remembered no matter what happened to you later on.

Chuckling softly, he soaped his pouf and let the memories come back.

He changed into his costume in about two seconds flat, almost finishing before Ga--er, The Magnum, and together they'd climbed into Kielbasa, also known as the Magnum-mobile. The Magnum hit the gas practically before he had closed his door--Keita thanked his lucky stars he was wearing his seatbelt--and Kielbasa had zoomed off.

Pryce Park Police Chief Timothy O'Bannion informed them over Kielbasa's direct phone to the Chief's office that the First Bank of Pryce Park was being robbed and that the perpetrator had hostages, cops and bank workers and customers alike. This information made Keita's head fill with comic-style exclamation points and he gripped the seat with white-knuckled intensity.

"We can't talk him down, he's already killed one hostage," Chief O'Bannion said. "We need The Magnum."

And Super Lover! Keita wanted to shout, but he refrained.

"Don't worry," The Magnum assured the harried chief of police. "Super Lover and I will handle this."

Keita could have kissed him for that. If, you know, they hadn't been about to tangle with one of Pryce Park's most notorious supervillains.

He rinsed the soap from his body and began to shampoo his hair, half of his mind still back in that night, in the bank, the place where all the changes in his life had finally become real to him. That night had transformed him forever.

Once they reached the bank they split up, Super Lover went in through the back, effectively disabling the guards the villain had stationed there, while The Magnum simply barrelled through the villain's henchmen and used the front door the way civilized people were supposed to do.

"The Magnum," the villain spat, turning to face the superhero. "At last we meet again."

"Still with the hokey lines," The Magnum responded with a sniff. "You haven't changed at all, Lil' Smokey. So predictable."

Ow! A sudden stinging pain jerked Keita out of his memories: he'd gotten shampoo in one of his eyes. He cursed aloud as he flushed the offending eyeball with water. "Fuck! Stuff burns! Isn't this supposed to be that no more tears shit?"

Goodbye, Super Lover. Hello, Keita.

"Last time I reminisce while in the shower," he grumbled as he twisted the water off. He stepped out of the shower and furiously toweled his hair, his mind going back yet again to that fateful night.

He was fine throughout the fight and apprehension of Lil' Smokey, fine still while The Magnum and he were being congratulated and profusely thanked by pretty much everybody. But once back at the Magnum Cave Keita began to tremble as though he were outside in Aspen in the middle of February and naked. He was deeply ashamed of himself, but he couldn't stop shaking. "S-sorry," he tried to say through chattering teeth, embarrassed beyond belief to be reacting this way, especially in front of Gackt. He tried to force himself to calm down.

"You did well tonight," Gackt said, ignoring the way the boy was trembling. He lit a torch so that they could see enough to make their way up the twisting stairs from the Magnum Cave into the Manor proper. "Come on. I always have a cup of tea to wind down after one of these escapades, and you could probably use one too."

Well, how about that: forcing himself to calm down was actually working! Keita nodded, already noticeably calmer. Calm enough to reattach the Super Cuffs of Love to his neatly re-hung costume, anyway. I actually used these tonight. On Lil' Smokey himself, even! Holy shit. Suddenly he began to laugh, feeling much better. "Somehow I don't think my mother thought I'd be using dance moves to fight evildoers when she enrolled me in dance classes way back when." His trembling disappeared as abruptly as it had come and he executed a perfect grand jete, landing right beside Gackt. "Actually, it's not the first time my training's come in handy."

Gackt grinned and used the torch to light a cigarette as they began climbing the stairs.

It quickly became Keita's ritual too, a cup of tea with Gackt after they saved the city. It was one of the things he always looked forward to, if only because it meant quiet, friendly, one on one time with his personal hero. Gackt was at his most personable during these times, which thrilled Keita because it meant he could learn even more about the man who was fast becoming his best friend.

As they sat down that first night Gackt surprised Keita with a celebratory pizza--pepperoni and mushrooms and lots of cheese with a thick crust, just the way Keita liked it.

"Hey! Thanks!" Keita exclaimed around a mouthful of cheese and mushrooms, his hunger having demanded he stuff half a slice of the pie into his mouth with the first bite. No sense letting a good pizza get cold. "Ne, Gackt?" he asked after he swallowed. "What was up with those henchmen in the white outfits? I couldn't figure out just what they were supposed to be. And why was he called Lil' Smokey anyway?"

"His father was a farmer," Gackt answered slowly. "Raised all sorts of animals, and four children too. His real name is Andrew Mathers, but he's calling himself Lil' Smokey because one of his older brothers locked him in their father's smokehouse when he was a child." Gackt raised his cup to his lips and took a sip. "The white outfits are supposed to be hickory chips."

Keita nearly choked on his tea.
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